About us

Satinel-System S.L. is a company that has been working in the Information and Communication Technology sector for over 15 years, both in Cádiz and in the rest of Spain. That is why year after year we have been recycling and adjusting to the times that are currently running.

From the development of desktop applications, web and mobile, through the maintenance of computer systems and equipment to security and computer audits, are the different services we offer our customers.

Different companies are betting on our services and helping our new concept S + D + S, Systems, Development and Security, is increasingly known and used by those companies that are getting to know us.

We want to help and advise on the development and design so that your project is totally viable. If you want to develop a new app or publish a web page of your trade or business, we put at your disposal different platforms within the ICT sector.


We try to give a touch of creativity to everything they ask us.


We are very professional with the customers´ demands.


More than 15 years working in the field of information technology support us.


we are dedicated solely to the field of information technology, nothing more.

24/7 support

24 hours a day, 7 days a week available to our customers.


we like to get excited and innovate with the projects that our clients propose.


We offer several types of technical assistance and it maintenance, adapting to the needs and priorities of our customers. these types range from punctual action in case of breakdown or other contingency, to exhaustive control of all the computers and networks of your company.

Hiring our services, makes us commit you will be completely unconcerned about the operation of your equipment.

We have a remote service to attend, via web, different incidents related to the different programs and applications immediately.

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